Hungry? Thirsty? Tired? We are ready to serve You here in Restaurant Patapirtti and Uusi-Yijälä's Farm

Restaurant Patapirtti serves You

From Tuesdays till Fridays 5 Pm - 10 Pm

Saturdays noon - 10 Pm

Any other time only after reservation!

Make a reservation tel +358 45 6511405, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Restaurant Patapirtti - Farm Uusi-Yijälä - Good food, cosy accommodation, tasty finnish berry wines...

Good food, fire and cosy atmosphere are the basic elements of well-being. We want to serve You all of them! Come to enjoy, we will pamper You and your friends. Have a dinner, stay over night, do some shopping!

You are warmly welcome to Restaurant Patapirtti or Wineshop, Hotel and ecological farm Uusi-Yijälä! 

Welcome to enjoy finnish cuisine, local and ecological raw-materials and Uusi-Yijälä's berry wines!

Farm Uusi-Yijälä is last berrywine producer here in Middle Finland. Come and taste our own specialities like "Kultainen Mataleina". "Black Bart" and "Mad Vicar". Wineshop will serve every day between 9 AM to 9 PM, please, call to make sure we are in a spot! Tel + 358 45 6511405

We serve hotel-type accommodation with cosy rooms, marvellous breakfast, luxorious sauna-experience. If You want to be pampered we are the right place for You! Our country-hotel can provide You with unique nature experiences!

Have you noticed that it's only 55 km or 40 minutes way to Jyväskylä (You can visit for example Alvar Aalto Museum ), Mänttä to Serlachius Museums ( ) and to old church of Petäjävesi (Unesco's national heritage target, ). It's time for Wintersports, Culture and History!


Springtime is here - feel Himos!

Tarja and Markku Uusipaasto


HIMOS; We want to be the most wanted travelling area in Finland!


Small history of Farm Uusi-Yijälä (New village of Yijä):

- The original Yijälä was added to Tavastian landbook year 1539.

-  Uusi-Yijälä was separated from Yijälä year 1784.

- Old house (Pytinki) was builded at same time but Pirtti was upbuilded in 1842.

- Our family got into this farm year 1934 when Tarja's grandma Jenny Pitkänen bought it. By that time farm produced milk, meat and eggs.

- The Family Uusipaasto started farming year 1987. Ecological farming started ten years later. Nowadays we produce oats and berries and also serve pasturing service fro horses and sheep. Berries (Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, arctic bramble, sea buckthorne, black / green / white current and gooseberry) are used in restaurant, served with breakfast and used to berry wines.

- Restaurant Patapirtti opened 23.3.2005, wineshop and hotelservices a little later. Restaurant Patapirtti has been serving hungry people for almost eleven year. It's really great to continue good work  :)

Welcome to visit us - You are warmly welcomed!