Wine shop

Wine is a wonderful thing! You can discuss from processing of wine for days but to discuss from tasting of wine - that's endless! Finnish berries and they strong aromas suit to production of wines, liquers and distilled liqors. They are interesting and different - especially when You are used to grapewines. I wish You welcome to a Finnish Winefarm!

On the moment we can serve and sell out six items; one very dry red-berryvine for food (Musta Mortti - Black Bart) , one semidry white wine for food (Kultainen Mataleina - Golden Magdalena), one sweet socialising wine ( Musta Mortti - Black Bart) and one dessert wine (Hullu Pappi - Mad Priest). Quite a family, isn't it smile. Come and taste pure finnish berries!

Tarja Uusipaasto, wine producer (Lepaa, year 2004)

Finland's Law says that we can sell You our farm's berrywines each day between 9 am to 9 pm. Most likely You will be served at the times when the Restaurant is open. If You want to come some other time, give us a call and we will make sure, You won't miss the experience!



Wines of the house

Our farm Uusi-Yijälä is one of the newest wine-producers here in Finland. Our products are worthwhile to test!

Black Bart / Musta Mortti (bottled in June 2016) – 14,00 €/0,75 l

  • Black Current wine from variety "Mortti". Dry version (6 g suger/liter) suites with pork and chicken and sweet version (60 g sugar/liter) for socialising.
  • Serve chilled (+ 14-18 C), sweet version even colder (+8 - 10 C)!

Pride of Yijä / Yijän Ylpeys SOLD OUT! – 14,00 € / 0,75 l

  • Semidry (16 g sugar/liter) redwine from black current and chokeberry suites with pork, chicken, liver and game. Also as aperitif. Serve chilled +16 - 18 C.
  • Sweet (80 g sugar/liter) redwine from black current and chokeberry. Suites for socialising in good Company! Serve well chilled + 8 - 10 C.

Beautiful Lily / Kaunis Elina SOLD OUT! – 13,00 € / 0,75 l

  • Semisweet (40 g sugar/liter) white wine from apple and green current suites for salads, socialising and after-sauna with sausages.
  • Serve cold + 4 - 6 C
  • Bottled 8.4.2016

Golden Magdalena / Kultainen Mataleina – 14.00 € / 0,75 l

  • Semidry (16 g sugar/liter) white wine from green current to fish, chicken and vegetables
  • Serve chilled + 12 - 14 C.